‘Where Earth Ends: Plugging Into Nature’ Events

Anna Arghiros, Julia Lurfová, Elizabeth Robertson and Benjamin Ong

Have you ever wondered what our gardens and green (and blue) spaces were like in the past, and what they might be in the future?

Let’s go for a walk! Join the Radical Urban Lab on a journey to (re)discover places familiar and obscure. Reflect on the past, experience the present, and ponder the future as we explore the rich lifeworlds around us using all our senses. 

Programme of events, suitable for all ages: 

1. Plugging Into Nature interactive soundscaped walk through St Andrews. 11am to 12pm, Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 June (same walk, repeated). Starts at St Mary’s Quad, off South St, and ends at St Salvator’s Quad, off North St. We will be outdoors, so do dress for changeable weather. A perfect farewell/send-off activity for Graduation! 

2. Plork Play Kit workshop. 12 to 3pm, Saturday 22 June, Forgan Arts Centre, Newport. Exploring (the future of) green space through play.

(If you’re interested in the private town gardens of St Andrews, the St Andrews Preservation Trust’s Hidden Gardens event on Sunday 23 June may also be of interest.)  

In our age of climate anxiety and emergency, Where Earth Ends aims to spark imaginations of ecologically regenerative space. Rooted in play, memory and collective exploration, we draw on place-based approaches, alongside perspectives from history, literature, culture and heritage. This project is supported by Scotland’s Future Series.

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