We are the Radical Urban Lab.

We are radical, not only in the sense of the political allegiance that we bring into academia, but also in the types of knowledges (yes, plural!) that we wish to see produced here. We strive for a radical re-imagining of the entire academic knowledge production process that includes how, why and for whom this knowledge is produced. 

We are urban, now more than ever, as the city comes under threat by the geographically unbound world of always-on and omnipresent communications and infrastructures. At this very moment, we believe the urban is an even more crucial field of study: its reach simultaneously extends and contracts, producing new divides, inequalities and opportunities along the way.

We are a lab, in that we know that we are also bound to fail – as all experimentation will and must. We are excited to take on any such failures as an opportunity to grow and to learn.

Please follow us and join us in our experiment. Navigate our website to see the projects that our members are engaged in, and get in touch if you would like to find out more!

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