LSO Ep.4: In Conversation with Nik Gorecki (Housmans) | Julia Lurfová and Dr Nerina Boursinou

LSO’s fourth episode introduces Housmans, ‘the longest continuous-running radical bookshop in Britain, established in 1945 and based in London’s Kings Cross since 1959’. Having become a local favourite, Housmans is known for selling ‘books, magazines, and periodicals of radical interest and progressive politics, such as feminism, pacifism, Black politics, LGBTQIA+ politics, environmental justice and anarchism’.

As Housmans’ co-manager, this episode’s guest Nik Gorecki brings a unique insight into what running a radical bookshop entails in this day and age. We talk about the term ‘radical’, Housmans’ unique history within the city of London, as well as about creating a safe space for political conversations and a sense of community through a politically framed bookstore.

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This episode was recorded in May 2023.⁠⁠⁠

Logo credits: Alma Hummelsberger
Editor: Eden Igwe
Music: Matthew Lewis (@matthewlewy on Spotify)

Let’s Step Outside (LSO) is a podcast series bringing urban-related activism and exciting research outside the walls of Academia and one step closer to people who don’t fancy talking with jargon. LSO’s episodes feature women researchers/speakers at all stages of their career, as well as a range of activists engaged with all things urban. Delicious food for thought delivered to your ears.

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