LSO Ep.7: In Conversation with Nivedita Chatterjee | Julia Lurfová and Dr Nerina Boursinou

LSO’s May 2024 episode introduces Nivedita Chatterjee’s current PhD research on digital activism against sexual violence in India.

Nivedita is based at the University of Surrey’s Sociology Department. She is dedicated to bring a postcolonial feminist lens attuned to race, gender, class, and intersectional power struggles to anglocentric academia. In this conversation, we explore her research interests around resistance, media, gender, and sexual violence by delving into the specifics and ethics of researching digital activism within the Indian context.

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Guest: Nivedita Chatterjee
[email protected]

This episode was recorded in March 2024.

Logo credits: Alma Hummelsberger
Editor: Eden Igwe
Music: Matthew Lewis (@matthewlewy on Spotify)

Let’s Step Outside (LSO) is a podcast series bringing urban-related activism and exciting research outside the walls of Academia and one step closer to people who don’t fancy talking with jargon. LSO’s episodes feature mainly women researchers/speakers at all stages of their career, as well as a range of activists engaged with all things urban. Delicious food for thought delivered to your ears.

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